micro dose films.

Electronic dub poetry via Brooklyn to Lapland by JDub.

Ambient lofi video poems to relax the mind. Antidotes for over saturated lives. Zen snapshots of nothing specifically but all as a totality. Dub poet video koans to ease the torrent of information. A micro dose of video to clear thoughts. Documents not of excitation or relaxation but of natural being. Not showing the beauty of a rose but the space between it’s petals. The videos also seek to present an array of points for philosophic contemplation, part quantum physics 101, part psychedelic poetry and part Buddhist metaphysics. These creations were made mostly spontaneously in the moment on a phone. Words, images and music by Totally Killing It Productions/micro dose films. Copyright John Ward ASCAP

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Contact: John Ward | tkiproductions@aol.com | https://tkiproductions.wordpress.com/