Electronic dub poetry.


The remix and three new tracks feature Finnish troubadour and Reggae singer Joonas Hauveli. Joonas recently released a well received classic Reggae album.

The track Sunny Day Dub features vocalist Sanna Jäämuru and musician Jouko Hiltunen. Sanna is an in demand vocal powerhouse whose live performances are known for her soulful sound and Janis like intensity. Jouko is an original member of prototype Finnish Punk Band Jalla Jalla and currently playing guitar, bass and banjo in different bands across Lapland. Bothe are members of Lapland Bluegrass Punk Rockabilly band Lappi Grass with an upcoming EP.

JDub in his studio in Brooklyn, New York

Totally Killing It Productions brings an underground creative vibe and actual studio chops to the mixing desk.

JDub at Compass Point Studios, Studio A,
Nassau, The Bahamas in 1986

“Having had Tyrone Downie and Jr Murvin school me in proper Reggae grooves and musicality as a young recording engineer, Totally Killing It always tries to uphold the raw anything can happen vibe and proper Dub rhythms of classic tracks while moving the sound forward.”

Our early beat mashups were among the first to mix sound efx such as jet planes, gun shots and crowd sound with our own hip hop beats and received support and exposure from DJ Omar Santana. In the studio, we engineered for seminal remixers Arthur Baker, Francois Kevorkian, Shep Pettibone and Jellybean.

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Stunk and Droned.

Friends who, in the time honored Rock and Roll tradition, managed to escape from the suburbs of New Jersey to the city.

Many, many moons later, sonic paint rises from the fertile swamp of New York downtown loft land and in honor of the shining muse of San Francisco.

Loops of various lengths.

Loops Of various lengths continues Totally Killing Its blazing “eventually we’ll get around to it” release schedule with this homage to tape loops started in about 1978 using two Teac 4 track tape decks in the Frippertronics configuration. This modern recreation of that original sound was recorded in Lapland this winter.

In contrast to the midnight sun dubs of summer, this project captures winter season in the north…

New Dubs from a studio in Lapland during Summer Midnight Sun time. Raw Dubs in the Spirit of Lee Scratch Perry or Scientist. Bass heavy vibrations to heal and nourish the soul. This projects only vocal track features musician, recording artist, singer and songwriter Joonas Hauveli.

We asked Joonas to stop by the studio to sing some lyrics we had thinking we’d sample and throw to delays. Instead he totally killed it laying down a singer style Dancehall Gospel Sound System slayer of a track in a few inspired takes.”

Introducing experimental micro dose poetry by JDub:

micro dose filmsdub poetry via Brooklyn to Lapland.

Ambient Lofi tone poetry was born via Brooklyn and from an underground studio deep in the land of the midnight sun where sound waves propagate to benefit and heal.

Horses And Buffalo – arctic swamp blues meets Americana.

Horses And Buffalo band is a collaborative project by Harry Pöyhtäri and John Ward. Their unique sound morphs between Arctic swamp blues and Americana Roots Rock flavored with occasional ambience and Dub and erupts as a fusion of raw Blues energy with modern studio electronics.

Sub Dub – influencer before influencers.

In the 90’s Totally Killing It started to release vinyl claiming a spot in New York’s underground. Crucial to the Illbient scene, the original Sub Dub EPs with John Ward (JDub) and Raz Mesinai (Badawi), mapped the ill sound clash of Hip Hop, Dub and Experimental deconstruction.

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